Full Service Planning

$3600* investment

This package is comprehensive because it gives you the comfort of having a consultant guiding you throughout the entire planning period. We are involved in all aspects of the wedding planning.

Some of the services we provide and are not limited to the following:

Business Plan

  • Develop and execute a customized wedding plan
  • Develop, create, advise and follow the set budget
  • Interview/screen vendors on availability for wedding
  • Set initial appointments for couple to attend
  • Evaluate wedding contracts
  • Assist with creation of menu for reception
  • Assist with creating/designing reception floor plan
  • Assist in selection of ceremony and reception music
  • Assist in selection of wedding stationary
  • Create wedding day timeline for all parties involved

Wedding Day Management

  • Attend a detail finalization appointment with each vendor (if applicable)
  • Keep in constant contact with all vendors on changing aspects of wedding plans
  • Be actively involved in all creative aspects of wedding
  • Attend wedding rehearsal and/or ceremony 


Please contact us for additional information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 248-224-2594