What does COVID-19 Mean to your Spring 2020 Wedding or Event?

What does COVID-19 Mean to your Spring 2020 Wedding or Event?
March 19, 2020 Noor A

What does COVID-19 Mean to your Spring 2020 Wedding or Event?

Written by Alyssa Hall, The Event Planner Team Member


     For anyone who owns a smart phone or television and keeping a close idea in the media, it’s no secret that COVID-19 is taking the world by storm. What is more commonly known as the coronavirus is spreading across nations at an alarming rate causing many cities, or even states, to order shut downs and quarantines. Schools, businesses, and grocery stores are left with no choice but to close their doors until further notice. What might not be as apparent is just how gravely it is affecting the events industry. Slowly but surely events all across the nation are getting the axe: concerts, festivals, sporting events, conventions, and yes- weddings.

Spring is now upon us which would normally mean the greatly anticipated wedding season, but Spring of 2020 is looking dismal. Weddings within the next couple of months are being postponed and for good reason. On March 15th, the CDC recommended that any events over 50 people should consider taking on a new date. While this is not a mandated order, many venues and vendors have made the executive decision to withdraw their services in an attempt to keep their employees safe from the virus.

Not to mention, due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, many of the factories, especially those in China, that produce most of all Western wedding dresses have closed down. This is an unavoidable cause of stress for all brides-to-be. This is a very tough and uncertain time. The event industry is among a growing number of industries that are at a complete standstill until the world starts back up again

The coronavirus has been wreaking unforeseen havoc and choosing whether or not to postpone your special day will not be easy. Consider the following factors when deciding how to proceed with your event.

Traveling- Will much of your guest list be coming in from out of town? The travel industry is taking a huge hit right now, and this could prevent a large part of your guests from attending. Additionally, this could increase the spread of corona if you have guests coming from affected areas.

High risk guests- If a number of your guests are elderly or have a history of respiratory complications, you may consider moving your event. These people are at higher risk of having severe issues if they come in contact with the virus.

Number of guests- It is likely that your wedding has a guest list of 50+. If this is the case, postponing would be an ideal choice. If anyone at your event is unknowingly infected with CO-VID19, it could spread exponentially. An alternative could be to cut your guest list down to less than 50 by only proceeding with family and very close friends.

We empathize that this decision will not be an easy one to make. Please strongly consider all factors before coming to a conclusion. Your wedding day should the happiest day of your life, and it will be if you and your guests are safe and healthy.